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HP Laserjet P2015 paper jam light is always on after reboot



The HP Laserjet P2015 paper jam light is always on even though there isn't a piece of paper in the printer's paper path. There have been several times that this has occurred in which a reboot has resolved the issue. For some reason this time the HP Laserjet P2015 still has the paper jam light on even after several reboots of both the printer (connected via USB) and computer. What is going on?


The HP Laserjet P2015 printer is widely known to have this issue as well as many other issues especially with network connectivity. It appears the reason this HP Laserjet P2015 printer is experiencing so many types of issues is due its faulty formatter board. The formatter board of a printer is bascially the printer's motherboard which is also known as the controller board. Some people have been lucky in resolving their issues by doing a "cold reset" however many have had to upgrade the HP Laserjet P2015 printer to the latest firmware or replace the formatter board entirely.


The HP Laserjet P2015 printer doesn't have many areas to check for paper jams so make sure to double-check the toner cartridge, rear door and fuser areas thoroughly. The printer's sensors can be so sensitive that the smallest piece of paper will cause paper jam light to turn/stay on. If all else fails try to perform one of the following:

Solution #1 - A "Cold Reset":

  1. Make sure the printer is OFF
  2. Press and hold onto the big green (also known as the "Go") button.
  3. While holding onto the "Go" button, turn the printer ON and release the "Go" button between 5-10 seconds. At this point the indicator lights on the printer will start to cycle and then eventually stop. After the cycle is compleete the printer will return to its "Ready" state.
  • If both the "Attention" and "Ready" lights turn on before releasing the "Go" button then the procedure will need to be restarted.


Solution #2 - Upgrade the HP Laserjet P2015 to the latest firmware:

Download the latest firmware update utility for the HP Laserjet P2015 from HP's website ( Since the HP Laserjet P2015 model has been discontinued the latest firmware that was found at the time this article was written can be found using the following link:


Solution #3 - Replace the formatter board ("printer's motherboard"

If the first two solutions don't seem to work than it appears that you might have to replace the formatter board on the HP Laserjet P2015. If your decision is to replace the formatter board than I highly recommend to purchase a brand new formatter board from HP. There have been many cases in which technicians have purchased a refurbished formatter board for the HP Laserjet P2015 to end up with the same issues again.


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